Information about Bitnearby

How it works

How Bitnearby Works

There are currently NO FEES on the platform, so you are FREE to use Bitnearby. (However fees could change in the future, will inform you beforehand :)

Attention massage therapist: no nude photos please! The section is only for massage therapist and massage stores! Others such as escort or explicit content will not be allowed! Advertising is ok in this section only!   

1.  Signup for free using your email. Click confirmation email.
2.  Start listing for free. Fill out the required information such as title, price description, location.
3.  Leave your phone number for quicker contact or just simply let users contact you through your listing.

Congratulations, listing is live and that's it! Easiest platform ever!
Any question or feedback contact us through the contact page. We love to hear from you especially if you want something to add or change, we are open for it.

How to use search function?
All the items in the world on our site is displaying in homepage. Therefore you have to search and see what's available in your city and the things you want to buy.

In the upper left corner, you find "search anything here" and "location". Everyone used internet before so no need to explain.

However, you could simply type your city in the location box, and not type anything in "search anything here". You will be able to see all the things available in your city.

On the left there are few section: For sale, for service, condition, payment. Click them to fit your need, and click update view.
After you type in your city, the website will only show things in your city. Anything you click on the left and hit "Update view". It will be updated for your city. The location on top will always show your city unless you change it. This way there is no confusion.

Rules Of Engagement 

The platform works with a few steps put in place for the smooth transaction of goods and services. the steps of engagement for the transaction on this platform include:

· Contact Your Seller and Picked Up In Person

Contact your seller to arrange picked up and pay for in person. Read all description in the listing and contact the seller. Make sure the item you see in person is the one in the listing.

· Cryptocurrency Payment
Bitcoin. Cashapp. Monero

· Personal Account

Delete account through setting anytime.

· No Duplicate Listing

There is no opportunity to post the same product or services twice. If you post this, you get an initial warning.

If you do it again, you will be removed from the platform. You can post a different kind of product or service but not of the same.

· No Advertisement (except for massage listings)

The Bitnearby platform does not allow any sort of advertisement on the website. All that is required is the title of the product, short description, and photos of the product. This is all that is required of the things you want to sell. You can only advertise yourself on Bitnearby as your username and say something like: "Click my username to see more of what I sell." 

Posting other forms of advertisement material will earn you a warning and an immediate dismissal if done again.


For seller and buyer, it is absolutely free to use Bitnearby right now. Free signup, Free listings, No selling fees, No payment required. Everything FREE! (However fees could change in the future but will inform users before hand).

What is a seller: anyone who post a listing.

what is a buyer: anyone who sign up and does not post any listings.

There is no difference between seller and buyer for now because the website is free to use for now.


What is bitcoin?
A digital currency which stores in a digital wallet. The wallet has bunch letters and numbers which is called 'bitcoin address' (very unique, everyone will have only 1 address). When you have a bitcoin address, people can send you bitcoin through apps. And after you receive the bitcoin, you can sell it in the app and receive money in your bank.

How to get a bitcoin address?
Many ways, most secure way is through (they have app also) Free to register, after registration you will have your own bitcoin address.
Another easy way is through Copay app, free to sign up as well.

How to receive bitcoin?
You have your bitcoin address, and same goes to other people which also have their address. Everyone has that unique address, bitcoins are stored in that address. In coinbase for example, the app have a send feature. You enter the number of bitcoin you want to send, enter the other person's bitcoin address. After few seconds, the bitcoin will show up at other person's address. So if you want someone to give you bitcoin, tell them to do the above.
Note: There is no way for bitcoin refund. Once you click send bitcoin, it's gone forever, no return no nothing. GONE!

Price of bitcoin?
Bitcoin price goes up and down everyday by few percent. So google bitcoin price and you will see. So after you receive your bitcoin from buyer, make sure to deposit in your bank. However bitcoin price is going up daily, you could just hold on to it to see it grows.