Information about Bitnearby


There are currently NO FEES on the platform, so you are FREE to use Bitnearby. (However fees could change in the future, will inform you beforehand)

About Bitnearby

Bitnearby is a p2p marketplace where you can buy and sell things locally using bitcoin. As well as get paid bitcoin by providing services. The transfer of bitcoin is carried out locally for bitcoin users who wish to buy a particular product or service.

Bitnearby is an amazing idea for connecting sellers of goods and services to their buyers. Here, you can buy and transact locally and at the same time get your payment with bitcoins in person.

The Technology

Using the blockchain technology for developing your decentralized application is one thing: getting your decentralized application on the marketplace is another.

Bitnearby is a one of a kind marketplace that offer trading opportunities to visitors. The marketplace allow transactions to be carried out using bitcoins and other acceptable crypto assets.

Welcome to Bitnearby.

Benefits Of Using BitnearBy

Aside from the fact that this platform is already paving the way for how future buying and selling will look like, here are other benefits enjoyed from using Bitnearby

· Payment is being made with bitcoin

· Transactions are easy and quick

· No hidden charges for buying or selling

· Pick up location is just by you

· Price for goods and items are fair and pocket-friendly

Final Thoughts

The Bitnearby platform is an amazing and equally innovative platform that is already paving the way for future trading activities.

Buying and selling and servicing have never been done this easily with its accompanying advantages and benefits for both buyers and sellers.